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I have been following Severin Koller`s work for a long time.
When I first saw his blog years ago, I was happy to find a young photographer that chooses to shoot with black and white film. And even more excited, when I found that he did it with a Leica, at the same moment I was studying about the Cartier-Bresson – Leica relationship. He says: “Knowing I have black-and-white film in my camera makes me shoot differently than I do with digital or color film”.

Severin defines himself as a street photographer, trying to honestly capture pieces of our time, to be part of the documentation of our human condition and the fascinating life on the street. He was interviewed for the Leica`s blog where he expressed in a very direct way, his responsibility as street photographer.

The idea about my personal photos was changed, when I saw how he incorporated photography to almost every moment in his life: family dinner, in the subway, during his mandatory military service (check that one out here), drinking some beers with friends, in the supermarket, and of course, in the street.

So, I wanted to share what I selected from his countless number of photos he published in his blogs (old and new) but I recommend you take a look for yourself.

To wrap up, I admire his photos, specially the street photos. I feel sometimes that he has a perfect sense of structure and composition, to capture what’s passing by through his eyes at that exact moment when perfect lighting, luck and a `good eye` come together.

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